9 Of The Funniest Tweets About President Donald Trump’s Inauguration


The Obama family is officially gone from the White House, and Trump is finally the president. Just like he expected and hoped, he is the most important man in the US right now.

Even though a lot of people in and out of the US thought that Trump winning the election is just an episode from The Simpsons, he still achieved his goal.

However, the awkward moments between the Trump and Obama family lasted until the end. The tweets you’re about to see from Trump’s inauguration are both hilarious and sad. Sad because besides people like Bernie Sanders, Trump is the one elected as a president!

1. Damn you Bill!

Source: PeteBlackburn

2. This is hilarious!

Source: bradley_fox

3. A picture is worth a thousand words

Source: BCAppelbaum

4. Thank you God!

Source: TheGoodGodAbove

5. What’s in the box!?

Source: jonnysun

6. We could all use some magic right now JK!

Source: jk_rowling

7. LOL!

Source: Fred_Delicious

8. No one can replace Joe Biden!

Source: BuckyIsotope

9. Sad but true…

Source: ConanOBrien


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