10 Touching Photos Of Barack & Michelle Obama’s Love!


Now that Trump is the new elected president of US, we should all forget about Obama right? Not at all! Let’s put politics aside for a moment, and you’ll notice how Obama is without a doubt the coolest president ever elected.

And the same goes for the Michael Obama.

We just have to admit that they look flawless together. And on top of that, they’re an example for young folks all around the world.

Michelle Obama is celebrating her 53rd birthday today, and we decided to dedicate these amazing photos to one of the best first lady US eve had!


1. Who would have thought that he would become USA president?

Source: BoredPanda

2. A leader shouldn’t be afraid of showing his/her love!

Source: Pete Souza

3. Not bad!

Source: Larry Downing

4. She looks all shy like it’s her first date with him!

Source: Pete Souza

5. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama share a private moment in a freight elevator

Source: Pete Souza

6. This is such a sweet and beautiful gesture…

Source: Nikki Kahn

7. So beautiful!

Source: The White House

8. We’re trying to imagine Donald Trump reading out to children….

Source: Pool

9. We absolutely love how they hold hands with each other!

Source: Pete Souza

10. Obama is so cute and seems so happy on this picture!

Source: Obama for America


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