These 12 Happy Facts Will Make Your Day 100% Better!


Watching the news is not like it used to be. We hear more bad news than good, and that’s making us all depressed in a way.

But the world is not such a bad place after all. The media and the news corporations are just making more money by forcing us to believe that we are all doomed!

Let’s start with one simple Swiss law that says it’s illegal to own just one guinea pig because they go in pairs?

You feel better already? Check the facts below for more positive facts!


1. This man should be a character model for how people should be!

Source: wiki , srikant chaudhary

2. This should be put in every country with high amounts of stays!

Source: boredpanda , Pugedon

3. Cuddle party!

Source: wiki , wiki images

4. All countries should do this!!

Source: FBI , FuN_Lucky

5. Great job Swiss!

Source: abc , fuzzberta

6. Imagine if we did this everywhere?

Source: wiki , piplantri

7. So sweet…

Source: warrnambool , oddball

8. How do we apply?

Source: time

9. And they say cats have no emotions…

Source: livescience , amagoba0

10. This is so moving!

Source: wiki , wikimedia

11. OMG!

Source: manchestereveningnews , MonicaVolpin

12. That’s adorable!

Source: freesciencelectures , Kapa65


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