14 Of The Funniest Dog Tweets Of 2016!


According to the modern culture, you’re either a dog or a cat person. But we believe you can be both, because both cats and dogs are awesome on their own special way.

However, this time we’re going to focus on dogs.

Cats are great, but they’re not always there for you. But dogs on the other hand are looking forward to spending every second of the day with you around.

They will cheer you up when you’re down, protect you from burglars and often pretend they’re listening to you even when they’re not.


1. This is simply beautiful…

Source: dogtextings

2. A dog is the only animal who will love you more than he loves himself!

Source: dogtextings

3. Word of caution…. watch where you step for the next 5 minutes!

Source: Hardywolf359

4. And they say dogs don’t like to bath!

Source: HBarinsky

5. Who’s a good boy?

Source: megalot_

6. Old habits die hard

Source: andrewsatname

7. But how?

Source: candycewu

8. This dog looks like Nana from Disney’s Peter Pan!!

Source: charmele0n

9. Isn’t he adorable!

Source: MelanieWang2

10. Please pet dog!

Source: meakoopa

11. That’s what friends are for right?

Source: importantmeagan

12. And that’s exactly why we love dogs!

Source: taliaphillips2

13. Rome and Juliet!

Source: mbeezy69

14. This is awesome!

Source: briellewestwood


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