15 Proven Ways To Protect Your Christmas Tree From Your Cat Or Dog


No matter how much we love pets, we can all agree that for some reason they simply hate the holiday decorations.

They do enjoy the part when the decorations are undergoing, but as soon as you leave them alone in the room, they just have that need to destroy it all!

And by the way, this is one of the few things dogs and cats have in common. They both enjoy jumping on the newly decorated Christmas tree!

But this year, we have a solution for every dog/cat owner out there. We’ve created a list of creative people who found a way to protect the holiday decorations on a hilarious way!


1. Using sci-fi technology to save your Christmas tree from your fox

Source: lokitheredfox

2. A simple but and effective solution!

Source: graysonbc

3. This is clearly a double win! It not only protects the cabinet, but can works as part of the decoration as well.

Source: nettegbg

4. “So you think you are clever human? I can still get those ornaments….wait til you sleepz”

Source: jennthemermaid

5. The Christmas tree is protected, but we’re not sure about the hanging star…

Source: Cole & Marmalade

6. We’re just wondering how many of those are still hanging?

Source: BoredPanda

7. This cat is forced to wear the Christmas outfit for 15 minutes, as a punishment for trying to climb the tree.

Source: Hotroddeluxe86

8. And another simple and effective solution for cat owners

Source: Cole and Marmalade

9. This might be a step too far…

Source: imgur.com

10. And the safest Christmas tree of them all!

Source: heatherdiannecook

11. There’s no way the cat would even dare to destroy this Christmas tree!

Source: coleandmarmalade

12. It’s ugly, but it works!

Source: BoredPanda

13. Cat proof level over 9000!

Source: BoredPanda

14. There should be a store selling Christmas trees and fences together!

Source: dogloverstore

15. We all know that cats are parkour experts, so we’re not sure if this tree is really protected!

Source: Bill & Vicki T


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