16 Of The Funniest Parents Ever!


Parents and cool don’t really go together right? Well, not exactly. Parents can be hilarious, but it’s a fact that they’re no longer kids.

Which means they have to deal with responsibilities, and being funny is the last thing they worry about. However, when they’re in the mood they can easily make us all laugh.

And of course their favorite way of being funny is pranking their kids! This might not be so pleasant for the kids, but it sure is funny.

The compilation you’re about to see clearly shows that parents are hilarious indeed!


1. These parents have told their kids that they had another brother who turned into a mushroom from not taking a bath! And they even put pictures from him in the family album!

Source: abacazam

2. When your parents sent you a holiday picture…

Source: deftkillerstu

3. This awesome Dad decided to put googly eyes on everything in the refrigerator!

Source: w0rmholes

4. Another amusing holiday picture…

Source: spikeypeach

5. Even Marilyn Manson can get embarrassed by his Dad!

Source: GallowBoob

6. When your parents respond to your picture…

Source: boomdeyada

7. When your Dad allows the dog to take over you room!

Source: Bwrighterp

8. When you need help and you get this text message from dad: “They’re On The Case!”

Source: woofles_wednesday

9. This Dad is awesome!

Source: biticonjustine

10. When you have an over protective father!

Source: slippinjimmy

11. This is pure gold!

Source: GrapefruitSurprise

12. The best birthday card ever!

Source: Shabutie4

13. When you ask your Dad to bring you stuff at school!

Source: doltan

14. The virginity protection blanket!

Source: RuggedlyHandsome

15. When you challenge a group of Dads!

Source: BoredPanda

16. When they sent you a selfie…via mail!

Source: reifier


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