17 Dog Fails That Will Definitely Make You LOL!


One of the main reason why we love dogs is because they’re awesome even when they fail. Dogs, like us, tend to make some poor life decisions as well.

But the great thing about dogs is that their failures are both cute and hilarious. When your friend misses the chair and ends up on the floor, both you and all the people around him end up laughing out loud.

But dog have this power to make fails extremely cute!

The collection of dog fails you’re about to see will make you laugh out loud for sure, and of course trigger the “awww that’s cute” emotion along the way!


1. The bathroom seal in its natural habitat!

Source: fingercup

2. The two other Corgis are trying to act like they don’t even know him!

Source: nuestraabsurdarealidad

3. This is how friendship looks like

Source: smease

4. This is the newest breed known as the “Garden Retriever”

5. The little shepherd pup graduated from a beginner obedience class, and the picture on the right is her certificate…

Source: ME4NS

6. This is adorable!

Source: _korbendallas_

7. These huskies look like pair of drunken wolves!

Source: HellBetty42

8. One of these two dogs helped with mowing the lawn…


9. “I can’t see”

Source: imgur.com

10. Who knew that rainbows taste like wall?

Source: kierstennamber

11. Next level curiosity!

Source: cbdavis821

12. We all know who is the boss in this family!

Source: BoredPanda

13. Hang in there little fella!

Source: reddit.com

14. Like it has been designed for this!

Source: Kona_Dlite

15. Photobomb expert!

Source: Yeah-RIght

16. This Shiba Inu isn’t letting life get him down!

Source: yamamochi223

17. This dog clearly needs an exorcist!

Source: uince6


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