The Best Pet Movie of All Time: The Secret Life of Pets


Viral numbers are in! The Secret Life of Pets has been named the Best Pet Movie of all time. Kevin Hart, Eric Stonestreet and Louis C.K. made their animated film debuts in this comedy about the secret lives pets live when their owners leave for school and work everyday.

About The Secret Life of Pets

Max is a terrier who leads a pretty quiet life. That is, until his owner feels sorry a sloppy, stray dog named Duke and let’s him come to stay. The spoiled Max dislikes the mongrel instantly, as he’s no longer the favorite pet in Manhattan apartment.

Soon, they find out that there’s a bad white bunny in the building named Snowball. The furry rascal is putting together an army of Flushed Pets. They hate humans for abandoning them and vow to get revenge under Snowball’s command.

Now, Max and Duke must put their differences aside to take a wild trip to Brooklyn to save the humans. This leads to adventures in sewers and rivers, Animal Control and dog chases… and all the giggles and laughs you can handle in the animated movie The Secret Life of Pets.


Video: The Secret Life of Pets Trailer

The Secret Life of Pets received average reviews from IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Google users. Yes, I said average. So, why are we calling it the best pet movie of all time?

The Secret Life of Pets Trailer went more viral than any video related to “pets” ever! This little promo video has been shared on Facebook about 16,100 times to-date. Now, that’s a lot of shares!!

Check it out!!!


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