This clingy pug loves following his owner to the bathroom, and he clearly doesn’t care about what you guys think. So funny and adorable!


Nigel is a clingy pug. Want proof? Here:

As you can probably see, this pooch loves to follow his dad to the bathroom whenever the man feels the need to go potty. Looking into this adorable creature’s eyes, you can tell that this is what he has been yearning to do in his life–to invade his owner’s privacy and not give him a single moment of solitude.


According to Nigel’s parents, Martin Chotters and his partner Ria New, the moment they brought him home was the same exact moment their freedom from disturbance was forever gone. But, they are not complaining. They love him with all their hearts–quirks and all!

This guy is silly and he most certainly knows it. He just plays pretend most of the time.

Want to see more of Nigel’s shenanigans? Simply click that NEXT PAGE button below!


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