This clingy pug loves following his owner to the bathroom, and he clearly doesn’t care about what you guys think. So funny and adorable!


You might say: Why not close the door? Well, you guys, you do not understand how insistent this pug is. He just would not stop unless he finally is inside the freakin’ bathroom.

“If I close the door he scratches away at it. It’s so weird having lost all of my privacy – I can’t get a moment of peace,” Martin revealed to Mirror. “Every single time I go to the toilet he comes in and he sits in my boxers while I go,” he added.

Nigel be like: “Oh, wait. Don’t judge me yet. I can explain.”


This needs no explanation, buddy. You love to see your daddy poop, and that is fine. We all have different preferences, anyway. Ha!

That picture above was taken during one of those rare times when he did not want to do anything with his papa.

More funny pictures of Nigel coming up. Go to the next page now!


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