Feeding Babies Peanut Butter By The Spoonful Is Better For Their Health… Science Even Said So

feed babies peanut butter at what age

Contrary to popular belief, peanut butter isn’t as dangerous for young infants and tiny toddlers alike (thank goodness).

Reducing the rate of pediatric nut allergies, the popular spread is a snack to better health

… and a pretty tasty one at that.

feeding 4-month-old babies peanut butter when to give my baby peanut butter

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Before long, the parental chatter kicked in.

“When can I give my baby/babies peanut butter?” “Is peanut butter safe to feed a toddler?” “Can exposure to certain foods be dangerous for children?” … you get the idea.


Getting the lowdown on how to properly raise kiddos, back in the ’80s and ’90s, parents were most likely told the “no peanut butter for kids under three” rule … and more than once. Unfortunately, that not-so-true golden rule proved to be totally false.

Moms and dads alike were presenting hundreds of questions on the subject. And they needed answers … now! In the case of the poor little peanut, the tragedy is truly nutty.

While crunchy and delicious, peanuts can be somewhat of a health risk for kids. In fact, the healthy snack is one of the most common food allergies, affecting 1-2% of the American population.

feeding 4-month-old babies peanut butter when to give my baby peanut butter


The tasty spread was labeled the mortal enemy … and that was just the beginning.

Watching the many nut-induced allergic reactions unfold before their eyes, responsible adults of the age made the better health call (or so they thought).

Ten years later, the nutty diagnosis was higher than ever before. Surprisingly, that fact didn’t startle the medical community one bit. Crowds of pediatricians and physicians shared a sneaky suspicion.

Refusing to feed babies peanut butter, essentially eliminating peanuts from a child’s diet, mom and dads all over the world were to blame. They’d created a heightened sensitivity to the food without even knowing it!

Since then, the brainiacs at the National Institute of Health made a toast to better health! Conducting a medical research study, experts stumbled upon a shocking discovery.

feeding 4-month-old babies peanut butter when to give my baby peanut butter

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Still wondering “when is it ok to give babies peanut butter?”

Research showed the digestive system of a 4-month-old was fully capable of digesting peanut butter’s unique ingredients, and that wasn’t all.

If fed to infants from an early age, the kid-friendly snack proved to significantly reduce the risk of nut allergies for children in the future.

Pediatricians finally have the answer. Kids and peanut butter are a match made in heaven, in infancy, in the tolddler years, and far beyond.

Apparently, there’s a new nutty rule around town.

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