This Guy Made His Girlfriend And Her Dad Cry In Front Of Hundreds Of People…But The Ending Of The Video Will Make You Cry Too!


Crying is an effective way of expressing a certain type of emotions. Although crying is often related to sadness, that’s not always the case. Because we often cry when we’re happy as well.

The story you’re about to hear contains a mix of emotions. However, the ending will make you emotional for sure.

This is one of the cutest surprise we’ve ever seen. Zack and Lauren are a couple that are madly in love. Before Zack amazing surprise, they were just in a happy relationship.

But Zack decided that it was time to take the next step, but he wasn’t just going to prose his girlfriend the old and typical way.


He wanted to make sure Lauren will remember their special day till the rest of her life. Zack wasn’t going to plan the surprise all by himself. He needed help, and asked Lauren’s dad to assist him.

The perfect place for the surprise was of course during a music concert at her family’s church in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Chris, the vocalist that evening, was a part of the plan too. He wanted to honor Zack as the special guest, but he wasn’t there.

He messaged Lauren that he’s stuck at traffic, and will be late for the ceremony.

Lauren was disappointed indeed, but that was all part of the plan!

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