5 Things To Avoid After A Meal And The Healthy Reasons Why

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Between balancing a full-time work schedule and maintaining a busy home life, we’re hoping the ideas and habits of a healthy lifestyle magically become part of the equation.

For those of us who didn’t stumble out of Hogwarts, here are five tips and tricks to avoid after a meal … combined with the cold hard facts that just might help ’em stick. 

avoid after a meal healthy habits after eating

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1. The pre-workout meal.

While it may be tempting to fuel your body with mounds and mounds of protein or carbs before an intense training sesh, don’t.

Experts advise vigorous activity after a meal can cause some pretty serious damage. Setting aside the occasional stomach ache and rounds of annoying hiccups, a full load could increase your risk of convulsions and trauma.


If you’re simply famished and cannot wait another minute, of course, have a quick bite! Just remember to wait roughly two hours before hitting the gym.

avoid after a meal healthy habits after eating

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2. After a meal, go for the cup of tea?

While the idea of a post-meal cup of stuff probably never crossed your mind, it’s a pretty brilliant thought.

Hot tea has a positive effect on the assimilation of iron and helps to replenish any missing stores of the mineral.

From pregnant women and children to gym rats alike, hot tea is the most beneficial sipper after a tough workout.

avoid after a meal healthy habits after eating

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3. No smoking zone.

The human body relies on nearly all the inner systems to digest a single serving of food. That means, inhaling a cigarette directly after a meal delivers double the damaging effects.

The nicotine and harmful carcinogens will be absorbed twice as fast, blocking the absorption of healthy vitamins and helpful minerals in the process.

Without essential vitamins D and C, even the most nutritious meal will go to waste in your digestive tract.

While it’s entirely advised to give up smoking altogether, a 20-minute wait is the minimum recommended before heading out for a puff.

avoid after a meal healthy habits after eating




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