His Mom Was SHOCKED When She Saw What He Did To The House!


Surprises are always welcomed, especially when they come from people that we care about. Every time we see one of those surprised proposals we get overwhelmed by unexplained warm feeling.

That’s maybe because we’re witnessing how two people who love each other are ready to spend their lives together.

What you’re about to see is not a proposal video, but it will surly make your day better!

Josh DeShong works as a realtor, and he spent a whole year working on a surprise for his Mother. He just finished working on refurbishing a dilapidated home, and his Mom was the first one to check it out.


His mom had no idea what was about to happen.

She raised Josh as a single mother, and now it’s time for him to thank her for being patient with him.

Vickie supported Josh while everyone else doubted him!

He started his career 10 years ago, and his Mom was the only one supporting and motivating him through hard times.

Vickie had to deal with losing both her Mom and sister in the last six months. It was a tough period for her, and perfect timing for Josh’s surprise.

“Today, I get to give her back something I’ve been working my entire career to be able to do,”  YouTube.

The house that Josh was working on was totally run down. He had to work hard to sort all the issues, and Vicki hadn’t seen the house in 3 months. Josh completed the work, and he was ready for the surprise.

Josh’s Mom was blown away by the transformation, and truly proud of her Son!

But the surprise comes when Josh points his camera directly at her.

Watch the video below to see how the surprise left Vickie in absolute tears!


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