Photographer creates a portrait series of people with birthmarks, and it is breathtakingly beautiful!


Linda Hansen, a photographer based in Copenhagen, recently created a photo series called “Naevus Flammeus”, which shows the beauty of people with birthmarks. Her inspiring subjects bravely posed in front of the camera, showing the world that they are more than just their port-wine stains.

Linda created these portraits to open the eyes of people. “I want to make a confrontation,” she said in an interview with Feature Shoot.


The artist encourages her audience to look beyond the marks, and to focus on the details that matter the most.

“How long do you have to look? When do you start to see the other details in the photo? The nose, that the clothes are sitting a little wrong. All the small details which are really important,” Linda added.

The subjects are looking directly at the lens, as if asking everyone to look in their eyes and discover who they really are, as if telling people that they are no different than the ones who do not have permanent stains on their skin.

“We have to go against the ideal of what we’re confronted with… We all have our things that aren’t correct. And we shouldn’t be correct; that’s what makes someone a person.”

“The differences between us. That is what’s interesting,” Linda stated.

Keep clicking to see the rest of the series. Each photo is stunning!

Photos by Linda Hansen


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