The Secret Is Finally Revealed: This Is Why You’ve Never Seen Little Pigeons!


It’s safe to say that pigeons are part of our everyday life. We see them, we sometimes feed them and pray they don’t export the digest food on us while we’re wearing something expensive.

Pigeons are quick and nimble, and that’s exactly why they’ve managed to adopt to every megapolis in the world. But we have a simple question for you; what’s the last time you’ve seen a baby pigeon?

Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios


The secret behind the fact that it’s extremely rare to see baby pigeons lies in their specific way of nesting. Even though pigeons were able to adopt to modern cities, they still poses the instinct to protect their babies from predators.

Source: East News

Pigeons usually nest in places under bridges, forsaken buildings and abandoned houses. And unlike some other birds, pigeons are awesome parents.

They keep and feed their birdlings in the nest until they’re at least 40 days old!

And 40 days are more than enough for a baby pigeon to mature and prepare for the adult life. That’s exactly why it’s hard to see baby pigeons on the city streets.


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