Soldier Chats With Stranger At Airport, Then Learns Family’s Entire Vacation Is Paid For

Soldier Chats With Stranger At Airport, Then Learns Family's Entire Vacation Is Paid For

As a U.S. Army soldier, Glascott was ecstatic to return home from a 7-month-long deployment in Iraq. Making conversation with a stranger during his airport layover, the man never expected to hear from him again. Little did he know, a heartfelt “thank you” was on the way. 

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Glascott and his family couldn’t wait to celebrate their young son’s upcoming birthday. A trip to the Great Wolf Lodge was the perfect opportunity to log some quality time together.

During his layover in the Atlanta, GA airport, the soldier was confronted by a man he’d later come to know as “Brad.” Seeing the military man dressed in uniform, the stranger couldn’t help his curiosity.

The two shared a seemingly simple conversation, chatting about Gaslott’s family, work life, the normal “small talk” topics. Brad was especially interested hearing of the soldier’s upcoming vacation.

When it came time for the two to part ways, Brad requested Glascott write down his address. He simply wanted to send the appropriate “thank you” for the man’s service.

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Glascott couldn’t think of a reason not to and quickly put pen to paper. Saying a quick farewell, he handed Brad his contacts info and jumped on his flight home. Truthfully, the soldier didn’t think too much more of the interaction after that and continued on his journey home.

Finally, the birthday trip for Glascott’s son was upon them. The family packed their bags and headed towards the much needed weekend away.

Upon checking in at the hotel, the father and husband received the shock of his life. Brad, the mysterious man in the airport, had paid for the family’s trip in full.

Wondering what Brad’s thoughtful little note said inside? “Thank you from Atlanta.”

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