This Is Why Women Live Longer Than Men!


Technically speaking, both women and man should live about the same age. But the problem is, men tend to chase ideas that weren’t calculated before. We’re not talking about business ideas here, but things like jumping from a window with an open umbrella hoping to fly.

The idea sounds fun, and it is. But at the same time it is an effective way to break a leg, or an arm or even a rib. Women are that into crazy stuff like these, and they would rather calculate their moves. And that’s exactly why they have a longer life span compared to man!

1. Is this how they give flu shots now?

Source: tuttibossi

Jokes aside, we all know what happened here. The father was hyped after watching a Samurai related move, and he thought he could catch the arrow. But just like we can notice on the picture, he failed and he’s now patiently waiting to get the arrow removed…


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